Move-Out FAQs

How do I get my security deposit back?

  • We will mail you your security deposit back usually within 30 days of the end of your lease to the address you provided. If you’re unsure what address that is, just ask and we can tell you.
  • To receive your deposit back in full make sure to thoroughly clean your unit, take all your belongings with you, and double check that you’re up to date on all your rent and utilities.

Do I have to be present for my Move-Out Inspection?

  • Nope! You’re more than welcome to be present but we’re just walking through making sure you cleaned and didn’t break anything. If you’re nervous about possibly being charged for a damage, just talk to us and we can check it out.

How clean is clean?

  • We have two options! We can hire a cleaning service for you and deduct the cost from your security deposit! It’s $60/hr for the first 3 hours and, depending on the size of your unit, $50/hr for every additional hour it takes to clean your unit. The other option is to deep clean the unit yourself, but we suggest hiring a cleaning service once all your things are removed as it is nearly impossible to do a proper deep clean with furniture and stuff in the way.

How do I turn in my keys?

  • If your unit is locked by an electronic deadbolt, please leave all keys, electronic door openers & parking passes on the kitchen counter in an envelope marked with your name when vacating your unit. Your keys may include but are not limited to building, apartment, mailbox, storage, laundry, and bike rooms. Don’t forget to leave your garage door openers, gate openers, and parking passes!

What if I lost my key?

  • We understand it happens, but losing a key will result in a fine. Depending on the key, it could be $10-40 for the key. If we have to Re-Key your unit there will be a $100 Re-Keying fee.